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About us

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the website of Danube EuroConsulting Ltd. It is a company specialised in consultancy in local and regional development, research and development regarding society, environment and economy, strategic planning and programming.

Our aim is to support sustainable development in the municipalities and regions of Slovakia and Central Europe by preparing projects and development strategies for them, making analyses and feasibility studies for the participants of regional development.

Besides strategic planning our "think tank" also provides project management. Our network of experts has for more than 15 years been working on the competitiveness of local and regional governments, businesses, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations.

Central European border regions have a number of common features regarding development possibilities. The expertise of our team lies in these specialities. We put great emphasis on the development of these regions, and we also have experience in the development of multicultural regions; areas populated with different minorities, ethnicities.

Through our website we also wish to deliver you information about our activities, project calls and fund rising, about development policies, events, workshops and conferences.

Research and development play an important role in the societies of the 21st century. Danube EuroConsulting Ltd. has participated in many research and development projects, delivering great results by supporting the spread of the European development policies, best practices.

On the ground of our results and experiences we can claim that Danube EuroConsulting Ltd. is among the best "think tanks" in Slovakia - thanks to its network of partners - in whole Central Europe.


Our common aim is a Central Europe built up of networks of competitive municipalities, towns, cities that can offer attractive environment, as well as thriving social and economic life. To achieve this Danube EuroConsulting Ltd. offers innovative solutions and reliability.


I believe that future is being built in Central Europe and that we can be partners in the process.

I wish you a lot of successful projects!


Gabor Lelkes, PhD.